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FriendsWorld is set in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States of America. The city was named after George Washington, the first U.S. President. "D.C." is short for "District of Columbia",  named after Christopher Columbus. 


It's a 68-square-mile city, with a population of roughly 700,000 people. And, it has the second busiest subway system of any U.S. city. 


You can experience the changing weather of all four seasons there: Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Fun fact: Washington, D.C. gets even more rain than Seattle, Washington!

There are seventy-four museums, over 160 monuments and memorials, and 115 public schools in Washington, D.C. Even though it's an urban place, it's home to some cute critters, including deer, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, and foxes.


It's also home to the U.S. President. In fact, every U.S. President has lived in the White House, except for George Washington! 

Washington, D.C. is a very international and diverse place with over 175 embassies and international culture centers. 

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