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A Note for Teachers...

Thank you for all of your work with students. The FriendsWorld resource was built to enliven and simplify language learning.

Students can read/listen to the chapters independently or in a classroom setting, depending on your direction. In the case that your students do not have internet access, the chapters are available below to print.

We hope your class finds this resource helpful and enjoyable! We acknowledge and appreciate amazing educators like you.

Chapter 1: Hello There

Chapter 2: Old New Shoes

Chapter 3: Snowball Effect

Chapter 4: President's Day

Chapter 5: Please Don't Crack

Chapter 6: Tea With Grammy

Chapter 7: April Fools Day

Chapter 8: The Spelling Bee

Chapter 9: The Splash Contest

Chapter 10: Sardines

Chapter 11: Fresh Lemonade

Chapter 12: The BIG Mistake

Chapter 13: Something New

Chapter 14: The Very Scary Nightmare

Chapter 15: New York City

Chapter 16: Idioms

Chapter 17: Grant's Big Dance

Chapter 18: The Ultimate Excuse

Chapter 19: Halloween

Chapter 20: Thoughts

Chapter 21: Thanksgiving

Chapter 22: Warm & Golden

Chapter 23: Christmas Eve

Thanks, teachers!

Activity: Design a Character!

By now, you've probably seen all of the book's awesome characters. Here's your chance to design one that looks just like you! 


Meet the Characters

Explore D.C.

For Teachers

Write Your Own Story

Learn New Idioms

Design an Avatar

Print the Chapters


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