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Hello! My name is Joanie. I'm 12 years old and I live in Washington, D.C. I'm so excited to be your new friend. 

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Joanie. Tengo 12 años y vivo en Washington, D.C. Estoy tan emocionada de ser tu nueva amiga.

I heard you came here from another country—that is so cool! You must be very brave to try something new

Escuché que viniste aquí de otro país. ¡Eso es tan cool! Debes ser muy valiente para probar algo nuevo.

I'll share fun stories to tell you about what life is like here. And help you feel more at home!

Compartiré anécdotas divertidas para contarles cómo es la vida aquí. ¡Y ayudarte a sentirte más como en casa! 

I'm sure we'll be great friends. Click the button below to start reading!

Estoy seguro de que seremos grandes amigos. ¡Haz clic en el botón de abajo para comenzar a leer! 

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Welcome to

Teacher for FriendsWorld
A girl character from FriendsWorld
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What is FriendsWorld? 

It's a book written for preteens from other countries to teach them about life and culture in the U.S. 

What's the book about?

A family living in Washington, D.C. The narrator is a friendly 12-year-old girl named Joanie. 

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A boy character from FriendsWorld

What if my English isn't very strong? 

This book will help you! Each chapter has a reading guide in Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi. 

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How does it work?

Each chapter starts with a short summary, read it in your native language. Then read and listen to the chapter in English! 

Who is this book for? 

Anyone who'd like to read it (especially 10-14-year-old immigrant students arriving to the U.S.).

An ESL student from FriendsWorld

Why was it written?

Because people deserve to feel welcomed, included, and befriended when they arrive somewhere unfamiliar. 

A boy ESL student from FriendsWorld

What can I expect? 

Twenty-three fun and awesome chapters that will deepen your understanding of colloquial English!

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Hey, I've got a question!

Email and we'll answer it as soon as we possibly can.

"I love the characters and stories in FriendsWorld! They are very fun to read. I like all of their adventures."
-Addie (age 13)
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